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  Jon Batchelor
Age 27
Motoring Skills Jon reached the final in the University Freshers karting event, only to be black flagged for aggressive driving. The pinnacle of Jon's driving to date, however, has to be wrapping his Seat Ibiza around a bridge...
Mechanical Skills Limited to putting up big tents. Its not exactly roadside maintenance, but will come in handy when looking to set up camp in the more remote places of our journey.
Points 9 (6 for Speeding, 3 for driving the wrong way through a river)
Crap Car Chronology Jon's first car was a “Porsche” engined Seat Ibiza. This did Jon proud until the afore mentioned bridge incident. After a period of sanity with a reliable Pegueot 309, Jon returned to his old ways, buying a Renault 5 for about £200. Not too bad, except that the previous owner had rolled the car several weeks earlier.
  Andy Place
Age 26
Motoring Skills Andy by his own admission a bit of a Boy Racer (or as some might say a complete Kev). Basically, Go karting, mountain passes and track days are the order of the day.
Mechanical Skills Ever since passing his test Andy has been endlessly fixing and (pointlessly) modifying what can only be described as crap cars... Mechanically Andy will tackle almost anything (that is not to say, however, that it will work afterwards).
Points Points: 9 (Speeding)
Crap Car Chronology First motor was an archaic Vauxhall Astra Mk1. Covered in rust, things got worse when the stereo system rattled the car to pieces. Next followed a Austin Maestro 1.3. Most people would have done the right thing and sent the car to the big scrapyard in the sky, but not Andy. He felt the need to change the engine (twice) until the car was pushing 190bhp. Not good in a car that does not handle and does not stop.