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The teams entered in the 2005 Mongol Rally had the choice of three routes. North, Middle or South. The first checkpoint was in Prague followed by a choice of Moscow, Kiev or Istanbul which defined the different routes. Subsequent checkpoints of Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Tsaganuur (Just inside the Mongolia border) and Ulaan Bataar were the same for all teams. See the Mongol Rally Route for full details.

We chose the central route for a number of reasons. We didn't have a good feeling about Russia and the constant Police harassment which ruled out the northern route for us. The southern route was really appealing, but looked particularly tough on cars and even tougher on our wallets. The cost of the extra visas and the choice of an expensive Caspian ferry crossing or $400 carnet to take the car into the Iran put an end to that plan.

Apart from the checkpoints the teams were free to devise their own routes. Our route through Europe took us through France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and the Ukraine:

It was then onto Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, before crossing through Kazakhstan and Russia again before entering Mongolia. Just in case you hadn't figured, the map above is not the same scale as the one below, but to give you an idea Kazakhstan (east to west) is a greater distance than that we covered in the whole of europe!

The table below shows a daily breakdown of our trip.

Date Destination Country Accomodation

Week 1
Official Rally Launch at Hyde Park on 30th July 2005
30/07/05 East of Cologne Germany Camping
31/07/05 North of Prague Czech Republic Camping (forest)
01/08/05 Prague Czech Republic Hostel
02/08/05 Wadowice Poland Camping (camp site)
03/08/05 East of L'Viv Ukraine Camping (picnic area)
04/08/05 Kiev Ukraine Apartment
05/08/05 East of Kharkiv Ukraine Camping (overgrown track)

Week 2

06/08/05 Russian Border (Krasnodon) Russia No Sleep!
07/08/05 Volgograd Russia Camping (thyme field)
08/08/05 East of Astrakhand Russia Camping (Volga delta)
09/08/05 Atyrau Kazakhstan Camping (next to railway)
10/08/05 105km east of Atyrau Kazakhstan Camping (desert)
11/08/05 10km from Uzbek border (Beyneu) Kazakhstan Camping (desert)
12/08/05 Aqshalaq Uzbekistan Camping (desert)

Week 3

13/08/05 Near Gazli Uzbekistan Camping (desert)
14/08/05 Samarkand Uzbekistan Hostel
15/08/05 50km south of Tashkent Uzbekistan Camping (Farm)
16/08/05 20km north of Andijan Uzbekistan Room in farm
17/08/05 30km north of Andijan Kyrgyzstan Hotel
18/08/05 Tash komur Kyrgyzstan Camping (Mountain)
19/08/05 50km west of Issi Kol lake Kyrgyzstan Camping

Week 4

20/08/05 50km west of Almaty Kazakhstan Camping
21/08/05 Sarqan Kazakhstan Camping
22/08/05 40km North of Semey Kazakhstan Camping (farm field)
23/08/05 60km South of Barnaul Russia Camping (mud track)
24/08/05 Altai Mountains Russia Camping
25/08/05 Olgiy Mongolia Camping
26/08/05 Khovd Mongolia Camping

Week 5

27/08/05 Altanteel (between Khovd & Altai) Mongolia Camping
28/08/05 West of Altai Mongolia Camping
29/08/05 East of Buyany Mongolia Camping
30/08/05 West of Bayankhongor Mongolia Camping
31/08/05 70km east of Arvaykheer Mongolia Camping
01/09/05 Ulaan Bataar Mongolia Hostel