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Visit this page frequently to see news and updates on our preperation and (or lack of) progress with the 2005 Mongol Rally.

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  National Pre Rally Meet 18th April 2005  

Well here it is, a quick word on our first meet and the current progress, or lack of as the case may be.

The meet took place one saturday afternoon at the Fat Cat bar, Mile End (London) back in April. Things did not get off to a good start as we arrived just over an hour late (at least we got there!) but still in time to briefly introduce ourselves and see the Send a Cow presentation about how they provide livestock and training for some of the world's poorest families. Find out more at

The afternoon and evening proved an excellent opportunity to meet 80 or so fellow minded, yet insane rallyers, and discuss a few important and some not so important matters over a beer or two. Unfortunately just a handful of vehicles were in the car park at this early stage. The obvious talking points were based around the choice of vehicle, modifications, and the intended route. It's pleasing to report that initial reactions to taking the mini were overwhelming, just hope this stands true throughout eastern europe and beyond. Some of the more unusual points to arise included the very definite prospect of bribing police en route and in car entertainment (essential on a journey in excess of 10,000 miles). Looks as though presenting gifts of turkish delight and glossy mags at border crossings and routine pull over's will be an integral part of the journey!

So that brings us up to date. Top of the agenda has to be visa's, something money can buy but alas also take time. And sponsorship. On top of this the mini has to get back to its native homeland. Heres hoping things move forwards at a somewhat quicker pace than at present.



Submitted by Jon