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Visit this page frequently to see news and updates on our preperation and (or lack of) progress with the 2005 Mongol Rally.

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Samarkand 15th August 2005
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  The start of it all... 25th November 2004  

Received an e-mail from an old university friend, who had just completed the Staples to Naples rally in a clapped out old Volvo.

The idea of the rally really appealed, yet as I read on I realised that this friend was embarking on an even bigger event the following year called the Mongol Rally.

After reading over the official website, I really wanted to be part of it. I sent a mail to another friend, with whom I'd been travelling with before, simply stating the web link followed with the question "Tempted?".

A few days later the reply came back:

"Still reading, but seriously tempted. SERIOUSLY. Let's discuss this is person"

And that was pretty much that. The decision was made.



Submitted by Andy