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Suspension breakage No. 2

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Date: 9th August 2005, 20:35
Photographer: Andy
Location: Kazakhstan
Camera: Canon EOS 1000fn
Along the smooth sandy tracks, youthful exuberance got the better off us. A nifty hand break turn saw the car bouncing along sideways. The lateral forces were too much for the rear suspension trailing arm.

Inspection showed the trailing arm somehow bent in and fouling on the inner wheel arch.

With the Sun setting on us, stuck in the dessert, in renowned bandit country, we set about bodging it, while two of the guys went off in search of water.

We managed to get the wheel turning freely again by hammering the wheel arch out of the way. Things weren't so simple for those in search of water...

Upon purchasing three water melons, a drunk local demanded one of them. After some friendly ish banter they refused and drove off. The drunk local set off after them in their car, swerved in front, leaving then to crash into him. Despite the language barrier he managed to make it quite clear that he wanted money to pay for the damage they did by crashing into his car.

After a bit of violence (towards his mate and not the rallyers) they managed to get away by giving him some local currency and a water melon.

Understandably they turned up somewhat shaken, but very relieved to see the Mini back on all four wheels again.

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Comment by tony 22nd November 2005, 10:18

they should of beat fuck out of them.