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Into Kyrgyzstan!

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Date: 17th August 2005, 18:13
Photographer: Andy
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Camera: Sony DSC T1
It took us a day and a wasted 300km but we finally made it into Kyrgyzstan. The border crossing was relativly painless, and we bumped into a couple of English guys we'd seen in the hostel in Samarkand. Due to the wasted time they caught us up.

Once into Kyrgyzstan the petrol quality shot up, the locals all appeared to be driving old german exported cars, and the road quality drasticaly improved... where it was completed.

We had several hours of driving on amazing roads through the evening and night of our arrival. One of these took a huge detour up a valley to avoid one a double border crossing due to the jigsaw puzzle style borders (legacy of the Stalin days), but the sweeping curves and smooth tarmac made up for this.

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