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The Ultimate Mini Adventure? Take one 18 year old Mini and drive it 9000 miles via 5 mountain ranges and 3 deserts from London to Mongolia.

So why did we do this? Well take a good look over this site to find out, but in short we fell in love with the idea of the Mongol Rally, "The Greatest Adventure in the World". We were one of only 14 cars of 41 starters to make the finish of the 2005 rally. We covered almost 9000 miles, crossing eight time zones and thirteen countries, at the same time becoming the first people to ever drive a Mini from London to Mongolia.

Take a look over our Picture Gallery and read our 'on the road' diary to get a feel of the adventure.

2006 Despite some tempting offers, we did not partake in the 2006 rally but there were more than 10 Minis that did attempt the monumental trip. One such team of three Mini's that took part in classic red, white and blue Minis in true Italian Job fashion. Read more at www.mongolminis.com

So what's next? Despite that this was ment to be the trip of a lifetime, after completing the rally, one just wants more. So for 2006 one half of the Mongol Mini team will be taking part in the League of Adventurists latest offering, The Rickshaw Run

Follow Andy's progress on www.shesagoa.com

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Saludos a todos los visitantes españoles. Gracias al artículo publicado recientemente en El Mundo y al foro TodoMini, hemos recibido muchas visitas de internautas españoles. Originalmente habíamos planificado traducir esta web a español pero al final, con todo lo demás, acabó siendo demasiado trabajo. Si estás considerando participar en el rally 2006 o no entiendes algo del contenido de este sitio, no dudes en contactarnos...

Y para esos madrileños que estais pensando, "reconozco ese mini... solía andar por Madrid" ¡no os equivocais... así es!